Our Quality

At Arbani Foods, product quality and food safety are a way of life. It is our key priority to provide high quality products to our customers and consumers. In order to ensure end to end quality, we believe in using the highest quality fruits and ingredients and adherence to all best quality protocols of the food industry. We have a strong quality assurance and monitoring system in place to ensure that our products always meet the strong quality standards as per customer requirements. In addition to other quality protocols, we ensure sourcing and procurement of high quality fruit by an experienced team. Extremely strict protocols are adopted in the area of fruit sorting. This ensures that fruit which does not meet the quality specifications is taken out to ensure the quality of the removed which ensures the end product is superior. Extremely high hygiene standards are maintained through end to end automation with no human interaction. Random Sampling and batch wise lab testing of the end product is carried out to ensure the required quality is maintained.