It also means that if you need changes made while the work is being done, you can contact the team and they will adapt to your requirements. We use a rigorous hiring and training system to ensure that our engineers are some of the best in the industry. Every Syberry engineer has expertise with at least two different technology stacks and versatile development experience to meet your unique business needs. Hiring a dedicated team with our company enables you to have full control over the development process and coordinate with other teams working in your company.

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

The US is among the top few countries finding it very difficult to fill in open roles after France, Romania, and Italy. Top sectors that require skilled professionals include logistics, manufacturing, sales, IT, and administration. Unravel unique insights on our technological know-how and thought leadership. We can carry out a discovery stage where we make hypotheses and test them with prototypes’ help.

The client company can easily track the daily status or progress reports using some of the leading apps like JIRA, Trello, Slack and/or MS team. For easier communication Microsoft powered Skype is also a good option. Our client’s project was able to successfully facilitate complex healthcare challenges with reduced operational cost, better workflow and transparent solutions. You can manage an external team in the same way as an internal one but at a distance through different communication channels and applications. You can use Jira, Trello, or other software for setting tasks, Slack for quick communication, and Zoom for meetings.

So you can focus on growing your business & our team will add to your development capacities with industry-best practices. Using outsourcing services, it is possible to find dedicated developers for your projects from any part of the world. In fact, the most cost-effective and qualified developers are being outsourced from the countries of Eastern Europe. At this stage, we ensure the client’s safety by signing non-disclosure agreements to protect any sensitive data and confidential company information.

We make sure that your project gets completed within the stipulated timeline and without adding any extra resources. This is ensured through different scientific project management tools like Process Evaluation and Review Technique. Hire dedicated developers who bring in digital benefits & simplify your business tasks. Usually, a development team consists of a project manager, software architect, project lead, QA engineer, backend developer, database administrator.

Time And Materials Model

The fixed price collaboration model is a framework where a client pays an agreed amount of money regardless of the hours worked or job done. This mode best suits the short-term projects with strictly determined requirements and scope of work. In addition, it’s much cheaper and faster to hire a Dedicated software development team than to search for each professional independently with HR team. To sum up, a dedicated team model provides you with a hand-selected professional team that is focused on realizing one specific project. In this case, you should ensure transparent communication and always be available for the developers’ questions.

  • Additionally, this is way easier than working with full-time employees and related procedures.
  • Once you hire a developer with us, it is our responsibility to meet the deadline.
  • The client company can easily track the daily status or progress reports using some of the leading apps like JIRA, Trello, Slack and/or MS team.
  • Is responsible for the dedicated development team’s performance.

Relying on an in-house IT team to research, adapt and develop new technologies is becoming more challenging these days, and don’t mind the cost. A lot of inhouse developers do take a hefty amount of salary which sometimes can be a huge settlement to pay for companies. This in turn is being introduced to the new workflow where teams are hiring leads where they can get the post of software and everything covered at a budgeted price. A customer needs to spend a significant amount of time on the software development team management unless a service company provider is hired to perform some of these tasks. Many business leaders are skeptical about whether hiring an offshore or remote development team is a good choice or not. If you are unsure about the results from such partnerships, then here are a few success stories from top companies that have hired remote and offshore development teams.


Our dedicated development team deploys the tailored approach when it comes to building a product; thus, we have a long list of successful case studies. Cooperation between the client and the development team is closer than with the dedicated team model, as the client needs to be more involved in the decisions. We are India’s best custom software development and technology consulting company. We offer full cycle software development and dedicated team on hire basis.

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Moreover, many companies leverage coder on rent services to create PoCs and try out new products with changing needs. Additionally, this is way easier than working with full-time employees and related procedures. Agente builds, maintains, and supports dedicated offshore software development teams managed directly by our clients. We also offer dedicated team consulting and training as an optional service. A dedicated development team is the best choice for budding startups, growing enterprises, small businesses, and projects that have complex requirements.

We’ll manage your overheads while you focus on your product’s success. If there are no developers available, this process takes no more than 2-4 weeks. We are deeply convinced that smooth communication is crucial for the success of any project.

What To Know Before You Hire A Dedicated Team

Doing so will help you better understand your concept and fill loopholes early on. There’s no use in knowing how to find developers if you don’t know where to look for them. After the completion of the interview round, you might have decided on the developers you want to work with.

A dedicated software development team is fully immersed in your project and quickly reacts to urgency. As you can constantly oversee the project, there isn’t such a thing as a lack of reporting or a missed need for readjustments. This model lays full responsibility for the development process and the outcome on Syndicode as your software development partner.

Want To Outsource Mobile Development?

Hence, you can hire offshore developers to extend your on-site team and create a commendable project in such cases. Moreover, these developers can quickly adapt to your working styles and collaborate on building world-class software from day one. When an outsourcing company is hired, it gathers a team of experienced professionals who are devoted solely to the client’s project.

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Now that you have an apt understanding of team members to onboard, let’s on the types of software dedicated teams out there. Even though this method is as effective as an in-house workforce, it exempts you from the liability of catering to some management expenses. With this, you can focus more on your startup’s business needs while the dedicated team assists you with technical requirements. Once done, the company should take interviews with developers from the outsourcing partner. It is a good practice to build a development team rather than accepting whatever the outsourcing company offers.

Depending on the scale of the project, you should settle on either fixed-price or Time&Material models. When you hire dedicated teams, you get a team of professionals selected specifically for your business goals. This team resembles an in-house team, who are technically your employees. WeAssemble were frankly the only reason we succeeded with our ambitions. We knew the value of building an offshore team but it seemed dauntingly difficult, WeAssemble simply knew what they were doing and made the whole experience super smooth.

Hence, our offshore developers technically fuel your startups or enterprise-level projects alike. It impacts your goodwill, eases workflow style & boosts functions with emerging techs. We deliver high-grade web application development services for various industries. At Intelvision, highly-skilled and experienced developers leverage cutting-edge technological solutions to build complex and efficient web apps. By hiring a dedicated team from Intelvision, you receive a personal approach to your specific needs. We provide transparency of the process of work and assemble a dedicated software team for the customer’s project.

Computer engineering colleges host the brightest young minds in the software development industry. If you have an eye for finding the best developers, you can hire dedicated programmers from colleges in your area. Also, you can tie up with multiple institutions and provide freshers an opportunity to prove their worth by excelling early in the software development industry. Just like recruiting companies, there are outsourcing companies that provide rent a coder services to all businesses.

Hire Dedicated Developers

With today’s highly competitive, fast-growing software market, outsourcing has helped several companies around the world reduce their search, recruitment, and administrative costs. While some organizations outsource development services as a means of covering technological gaps, others hire a team of developers to manage their projects on their behalf. A dedicated development team stands for hiring remote workers to create a project.

How To Hire Dedicated Team: Members To Consider

Before you sign the deal and hire dedicated programmer, have a look at the past projects, client reviews, and portfolios. It can uncover the reality of every company that you are looking to work with. The most important thing to consider while looking to hire a dedicated developer is the objective. As a business, you can have many different requirements that need to be looked after.

Some candidates may be great at coding but poor at communication. In a majority of cases, despite a high professional level such people will not be good team players and may negatively affect the team’s morale and overall performance. While soft skills, such as the ability to communicate, provide and accept feedback, and relationships with colleagues, will be a huge benefit for a remote team member.

You need to pay attention to their location because it affects the price. Also, it’s better to consider the platform you can use to find the required specialists. In addition, you are free to expand the deduced team by hiring additional developers from the vendor if the previously agreed team is not enough to complete the tasks. All developers fully adapt to your workflow, which you are also free to change during development.

This is because the cost of employing developers varies with location. The UI/UX designers create the screens for the application and provide them to the developers. They design the experience of the applications, navigation, and how users engage with the applications. Front-end developers and UI/UI designers often work in conjunction or sometimes are the same people as well.

After you’ve shortlisted some developers, it is time to interview them individually. During the interview, ask your shortlisted developers all kinds of complex questions, queries, or tests to judge their knowledge related to the technology to assess their expertise and logic. You should also ask whether the developers test every line of code before making it live on the production server or not.

From initial conceptualization to final delivery and marketing, we provide end-to-end solutions. As a result, any agency, no matter small or large, can use our services to ensure the success of their business. Enhance business performance, accelerate decision-making, minimize risks, and effective cost optimization with our advanced dashboard & analytics solutions.

We are interested in the employees’ professional growth; that’s why we arrange regular performance reviews for all members of the dedicated teams. We practice 360-degree reviews to receive unbiased opinions from all Dedicated Development Team the coworkers. A certain employee has an opportunity to work and assess the level of cooperation among all the other important factors. These reviews are aimed at assessing the quality of work and development.

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